What Is ‘The Perfect Human Diet?’ Movie Producer C.J. Hunt Wants To Know!

Filed under: Health — @ March 2, 2007

Independent filmmaker C.J. Hunt is “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet”

Okay, low-carbers, are you ready to lend your support to something worthwhile that could very well impact the health of litterally hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions of people? If so, then you need to learn more about a brand new documentary coming out from an ambitious independent movie producer named C.J. Hunt. The name of this film is “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet” and it’s everything that you’ve ever wanted to see in a movie about the health crisis we face not just in America, but around the globe!

“In Search of the Perfect Human Diet” is still in the process of being filmed right now, but this phenomenal project is going to attempt to come up with the ultimate solution to the biggest health threat of our generation–OBESITY! What a noble cause this is and I want to invite you to be a part of the process because the low-carb lifestyle will be a prominent part of that solution.

You’ll be pleased to know there are many well-respected and legitimate experts interviewed in the film, including Marion Nestle from New York University, Dr. Michael R. Eades who wrote Protein Power, Dr. Barry Sears who authored The Zone Diet, Dr. Abby Bloch from the Atkins Foundation, Dr. Jay Wortman from the Canadian Inuit Diet Research, Dr. Steve Phinney who has done extensive work on low-carb diets and physical performance, Mrs. Veronica Atkins, Dr. Mary C. Vernon from the University of Kansas, Dr. Eric Westman from Duke University…and the list just goes on and on (I was even privileged to be asked by Hunt to tell my low-carb weight loss success story in the film as well–WOO HOO!).

Click here to learn more about the “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet” documentary from C.J. Hunt and how YOU can be involved in this extraordinary health project set to be shown on PBS, in movie theaters, and on DVD later this year.


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