Low-Carb Monthly Magazine Opens Nominations For Best Low-Carb Sites Of 2007

Filed under: Events — @ March 4, 2007

It may seem early to start thinking about the best low-carb and health web sites of 2007, but Low-Carb Monthly Magazine is already looking for nominations for the “best” and “worst” blogs and sites focused on the subject of low-carb living. As a regular reader of the various low-carb web sites and blogs online, most of you probably already have your finger to the pulse of who is doing an outstanding job and who is not.


Here is what CEO Mark Moxom from Low-Carb Monthly said about his call for nominations for the prestigious distinction of “the best” low-carb and health sites on the Internet in 2007:

“The world has moved on and things change from month to month. In the last twelve months over 28,000 new low-carb and health web sites have appeared on the Internet, ranging from the mediocre to very good. No one has the time or resources to visit them all on their own, but together we can virtually inspect nearly all of them. Many readers said that they thought we should include low-carb and health blogs as there are quite a number now that are actually very good. Well, we agree and after a little thought and deliberation we have opened up a new category specifically for blogs. So if you want to nominate and vote for your favorite low-carb or health blog as well as your favorite low-carb or health web site–now’s your chance to do just that!”

If you would like to see a comprehensive listing of most of the current web sites and blogs in the wonderful world of livin’ la vida low-carb, then please visit my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Links” blog and browse around. Tell Low-Carb Monthly who you like the best and who you think is the worst by using this online form.

You may only vote once for each blog or web site you support and despise, so please be sure to use the full web address for each site that you nominate (i.e. www.yourfavoritelowcarbwebsite.com). You will be asked for your full name, e-mail address, city, state, country and nominations for best/worst low-carb web site and best/worst low-carb blog.

Your information will be kept confidential, but will help Low-Carb Monthly track the votes for the various sites entered. This should be fun and nominations are being accepted NOW through May 31, 2007. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE LOW-CARB BLOGS AND WEB SITES!


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