Worrying About Cholesterol On Low-Carb Is Pointless

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One thing I have noticed about writing here here at CarbWire and at my blog is that previous topics I have already addressed have a peculiar way of coming back around again and again as more and more new people suddenly discover this site for the very first time. If that’s YOU, then let me officially welcome you to the low-carb lifestyle. Feel free to browse through the archives that date back to 2004 and learn more about this incredible way of eating.

I certainly don’t mind covering an issue over and over again as long as people are still asking the questions that they are most concerned about. I just received a question from a concerned e-mailer that I am sure is on the minds of many people who are either on a low-carb diet for the very first time or are thinking about it. It’s about cholesterol.

With the widespread prevalance of cholesterol-lowering prescription drugs such as Lipitor, Crestor, and Zetia (with that commercial featuring the fat female television cooking show host who is utterly annoying!), people have come to fear their cholesterol numbers like never before. Oh my gosh, am I gonna die if my cholesterol goes up above 200?! As absurd as that may sound to those of us who have educated ourselves about the cholesterol lie that exists, you have to realize that a great majority of people totally freak out when they perceive they have “high” cholesterol.

Here’s the frantic e-mail I received from a new low-carber about her cholesterol:

Hello! I am in my second month of a low-carb diet. I am following a modified version of South Beach. To date, I have lost 14 pounds already and was feeling great…until this week. I had a physical and got my blood work done and the results were scary. My cholesterol is sky high:

Total — 301 (yes 301!)
HDL — 83
LDL — 148
Triglycerides — 62

Now I am afraid to continue on with my low-carb diet. My doctor only states that she “Does not trust the lab results….this profile does not make sense.” Boy that really scares me to hear her say she is not trusting the results. Anyways, now I fear I’m gonna have a heart attack or stroke. Do you have any insight about this? It would be greatly appreciated.

Because this e-mailer is expressing a lot of issues that I believe may be on the hearts and minds of many other brand new low-carbers or potential ones, I’d like to share with you my thorough e-mail response including pertinent links to articles I have written about this subject before. Hopefully this will shed some light on the cholesterol issue and clear up the confusion and concern that apparently continues in the minds of many.

Click here if you are still worried about your cholesterol while on the low-carb lifestyle.


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