What’s It Like Being An Extra In A Hollywood Movie?

Filed under: Celebrity — @ March 5, 2007

What a day Sunday was after trying out to be a football player in December for the new George Clooney movie called “Leatherheads” and then getting a call on Tuesday from a casting director asking me if I’d still like to be in the film. Um, let me think…OH OKAY! :D

She said I needed to get sized for my costume on Thursday and then shoot the scene I am in on Sunday. “How long will it last,” I asked her. “All day,” she quickly answered. Oh…I’m cool with that!

So on Thursday I drive to the undisclosed location to be fitted for my costume and it is there that I learn I won’t be portraying a football player. Instead, they said I was the one and only doorman in the movie. The what? Doorman…what’s a doorman gonna do? Oh, he opens the door for people at the hotel. Now I get it!

Yep, that’s right! Jimmy Moore is the doorman in “Leatherheads.” The costume was quite exquisite with three layers involved, including a white shirt, vest, and huge blue-green overcoat that looked very classy if you ask me with a black tie, black shoes, and white gloves. Lookin’ sharp, baby!

I received instructions to call a special super-secret telephone number on Saturday night to find out what time they would need my character for the scene they were shooting. There were three pages of detailed information explaining what was going to happen. The biggest theme they attempted to communicate was patience and focus on the day of the shoot. And by all means, try not to gawk when George Clooney walks on the set. LOL!

My appointed time to check in for the hotel scene was Sunday morning at 10:30am. But since they had partitioned off two or three blocks around the area they were filming, I had some difficulty finding a place to park. I ended up parking in a bank parking lot that allows free parking on the weekends. Sweeeeet! So I start walking briskly towards the hotel not really knowing where to go when I got there.

Cameras, lights, and crew are everywhere and as I get closer I hear several women screaming, “George, George, look over here!” These were the Clooney groupies that would literally spend hours waiting on the outer edges of the set just to see their favorite movie star for a few brief seconds. It was kinda funny to watch, but that wasn’t the end of it.

Click here to read the rest of the juicy details of my first experience as an extra on a Hollywood movie set with George Clooney (he even says a line to my character in the scene–WHOA!).


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