Face-To-Face With Canadian Low-Carb Researcher Dr. Jay Wortman

Filed under: Study — @ March 9, 2007

Researcher Dr. Jay Wortman talks tough about low-carb diets

One of the most fascinating researchers of the low-carb lifestyle today comes straight from the Canadian province of Alberta. His name is Dr. Jay Wortman and he has been working with the First Nations from coastal British Columbia–about improving their diet. His interest in livin’ la vida low-carb was borne out of a personal health crisis that afflicted him five years ago which he will discuss in my exclusive interview with him today. This man has a lot to say that will have you standing to your feet cheering in affirmation. Now if we can only get government and health leaders to heed this message.

Here’s just a tiny taste of what Dr. Wortman has to say:

“Avoiding carbs basically obviates the need for the [diabetes] medications (unless you are Type 1 or have reached the point where you have burned out your capacity to produce insulin). Of course, if this option were clearly articulated to people, the sales of medications would drop dramatically, so it is convenient that the myth of a minimum daily requirement for carbs is perpetuated.”

“People who observe the research and who may have been unconvinced up to now will start to swing over. It is also important in that [the recent Stanford study in JAMA] is a well designed and well funded study published in a mainstream journal. This will help others who want to do more in this area to obtain funding and access to the credible journals. It


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