The More 3-Year-Olds Watch The Tube, The More They’ll Go for Unhealthy Foods & Drinks

Filed under: In The News — @ March 10, 2007

Parents, listen up. There’s more compelling research suggesting that it’s a really good idea to restrict your toddlers’ TV watching if you want them to develop healthy eating habits.

You see, the more 3-year-olds watch TV, the more they’ll gravitate toward unhealthy foods and drinks and consume more calories. So finds a new study from Harvard Medical School.

In fact, just one more hour in front of the boob tube was associated with one extra sugar-sweetened beverage (including juice) per week; an additional 0.3 serving of fast food per month; and an additional 0.06 serving of red and processed meat per day, the team found, according to Health Day’s Alan Mozes.

Learn more about this important and fascinating research here.


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