‘Thinderella’ Author Uses Low-Carb Diet As ‘Motivator’

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Dr. Dennis Gage says in my interview he supports low-carb

1. I am pleased to welcome an internist named Dr. Dennis Gage. Dr. Gage is one of the world’s leaders in educating and empowering people to live healthier lifestyles by helping them lose weight through workable long-term solutions. Thank you for joining us today, Dr. Gage! Share with my readers a little bit about who you are and how you got interested in the subject of obesity in the first place.

It is interesting how I got into the field of obesity. Originally I went into Endocrinology because of an interest in thyroid disease but after training at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital, I did research on obesity subjects and was involved with a vast number of patients in a research grant. Then I became intensely interested in Insulin Resistance Diabetes and Obesity.

2. You have been actively involved in several research projects involving coming up with treatment options for people battling obesity over the years. Tell us about your involvement in those and how you have been able to practically apply what you have learned in real people struggling with their weight.

I have seen literally hundreds of patients over the last twenty five years in clinical practice. I have found that most patients are able to lose weight by restricting calories and increasing physical activity. The problem that occurs is most of these patients have “yo-yo’ed” back up in weight. I see the most difficult subject in obesity as “closing the back door,” that is, preventing people from regaining their weight.

Most people are very enthusiastic on diets and are successful, however as the struggle increases and the amount and intensity of work remains high, most people fatigue out and start to return to their old habits. It is “closing this back door” and having these patients being able to sound a “Red Alert” that differentiates success in the long run. My philosophy is to support my patients in their weight loss endeavors and I have created a web site that offers newsletters and information to readers to help them feel empowered.

3. You have written a book and created a program around a concept you call the The Thinderella Syndrome (TLC). The motto of this plan is “don’t just do a diet, live a diet.” That is certainly something I discuss quite often here at my blog. What are the basic principles of “Thinderella” and how has it worked for your
patients willing to give it a go?

The Thinderella principles are explained in my book. Most patients are successful in their initial weight loss phase. We call this the “motivator phase” because we use a structured diet that is relatively low in carbohydrates, high in protein, and structured–we call this the “water wings of weight loss.”

Click here to continue reading my encouraging interview with Dr. Dennis Gage and his low-carb, high-protein “Thinderella” concepts for taking on obesity and disease.


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