Did Somebody Say A FREE Atkins Advantage Bar?

Filed under: Business — @ March 11, 2007

The new Atkins Advantage Caramel bars are my personal fave

Have you tried an Atkins Advantage bar lately from Atkins Nutritionals? If not, then you may be oblivious to the fact that the formulation has changed and it’s for the BETTER. Much better than they used to be if you ask me. These healthy low-carb protein bars are now a delicious and nutritious snack for those times when you need some low-carb nourishment during your hectic and busy lifestyle.

In fact, just last Sunday when I was on the set of the upcoming George Clooney movie “Leatherheads” as an extra, guess what I brought along with me to tide me over until our break for lunch? Yep, it was a couple of Atkins Advantage bars because they are so convenient and ready-to-eat anytime you feel the hunger pangs calling your name.

Whether it is the original Atkins Advantage bars or the new and oh-so-delicious Atkins Advantage Caramel bars, you can rest assured these bars are the lowest in sugar (only 1g per bar compared with 18g in a Power Bar), highest in protein (a staggering 17g per bar compared with only 8g in the heavily-marketed Slim-Fast bars), and contain more fiber than any other protein bar on the market today (6g per bar compared with nearly ZERO found in the Zone and Balance bars).

As if I haven’t given you reason enough already, how about a sweet incentive to try an Atkins Advantage bar for yourself? Would you like to try a FREE BAR?! Click here to learn the details about this limited quantity and limited time offer. ENJOY!


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