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The March of Dimes sponsors WalkAmerica to combat birth defects

There are only a handful of truly remarkable non-profit organizations in the United States today that are doing an outstanding job of raising money for absolutely needy causes. One such organization is the March of Dimes and their amazing work to help save premature babies from being taken from this world as quickly as they entered it.

This is a rather personal issue for me because of my beautiful wife Christine. You see, she was born three months premature and weighed less than 2 pounds at birth back in the early 1970s. The doctors were trying so desperately to keep her alive in the early days of her life that they even gave her too much oxygen causing her to lose her eyesight completely in her left eye and some of her right eye before they caught it. But thank God she survived and would later become Mrs. Jimmy Moore. :)

Premature births is described by the March of Dimes as “the silent crisis” and the more attention we can draw to this worthy cause the better. That’s why I am absolutely thrilled to tell you about one of my fellow low-carb bloggers who will be participating in the upcoming WalkAmerica event in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri on April 28, 2007 beginning at 8:00am.

It’s 33-year old Amy Dungan (aka “Sparky’s Girl”) from the “Healthy Low-Carb Living” blog. This mother of two beautiful gifts from God had she calls “the biggest scare of our lives” with her daughter Rachel’s birth back in 1998.

Here’s the agony and pain that Amy shared about that experience:

“Her heart was not beating correctly. Many times the doctors feared it would stop completely. We spent six heartwrenching days in the hospital while they performed an EKG on her twice a day as well as many other tests. Wires from monitors were connected to Rachel’s tiny little body and they seemed to be coming and going from everywhere. The doctors had no answers for us. I firmly believe in prayer and we believe that whatever the problem with Rachel’s body was, God healed it.”

WOW! Reading about Amy’s living nightmare during Rachel’s birth that could have ended tragically can certainly bring a tear to your eyes. But the sad reality is this scenario keeps happening day after day and sometimes these newborn babies are unable to receive any of the delicate and necessary tests that Rachel received. That’s why what the March of Dimes is doing with their WalkAmerica campaign is so vitally important.

Amy and her sister Lana will be walking the six-mile hike in The Muny-St. Louis Forest Park in late April and they NEED YOUR HELP to raise money. While she has only set a modest goal of $200 to raise, I think the readers at CarbWire can quite literally blow that number out of the water–by a long shot!

With nearly 200,000 visitors expected to visit my various blogs between now and the time Amy walks in this event, there’s absolutely no reason why we couldn’t raise $2,000, $20,000, or even $200,000 as our show of support behind what she is doing to help raise money for this noble endeavor to save these innocent children. It’s well within our reach and I publicly challenge my readers to give generously.

Amy says she realizes Rachel’s birth was a gift from God.

“But many are not so fortunate. I’m sure it was the research and funding from organizations like the March of Dimes that made the treatments and tests my daughter recieved possible. Please help us raise money for this very worthy cause. The very lives of many children will depend on it.”

So here is the challenge. Go to Amy Dungan’s WalkAmerica page and sponsor her with the best possible gift you can afford. If you can give $100 or more, then I know Amy will appreciate it so much. But even if the most you can afford is $1, $5, or $10, all of those gifts can and will add up.

It’s mindboggling to think about, but if everyone who visits this and the other web sites I write for in the next two months simply gave $1 towards this effort, then we will have together raised around $200,000! WHOA that’s some serious dough people! Can you imagine the possibilities if we all just band together behind this as a show of support for a fellow low-carb blogger?

I’m a big believer in miracles because I have experienced two of the best ones that have ever happened in my life–my 180+ pound weight loss and that gorgeous woman who I now call my wife. Will we see another miracle take place by the time April 28th rolls around? I sincerely hope so and urge you to give from the heart so that the Rachels and Christines of this world have a fighting chance to live.


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