Low-Carb Superstar Mary Smith Still Making Headlines

Filed under: In The News — @ March 12, 2007

After low-carb weight loss, Mary Smith is as active as ever!

Guess who’s back in the news again promoting and advocating the low-carb lifestyle as the way she lost over 125 pounds–MARY SMITH!

The media darling of low-carb dieting in 2007, Mary has already shared her amazing low-carb weight loss success story with the world appearing on the front cover of People magazine and then again having her achievement chronicled in her local hometown newspaper The Albuquerque (NM) Tribune in January 2007.

Now she’s back again with yet another positive story about her Atkins/Kimkins triumph appearing in The Albuquerque Journal this time (and rumor has it Mary may be on the front cover of another major magazine in the not-too-distant future…STAY TUNED!).

Special THANKS to the journalist Rick Nathanson for sharing Mary Smith’s story in an unbiased and uplifting style. Too often we see low-carb weight loss success stories in the media with people who pile their plates high with pounds of bacon and they call that Atkins. I don’t think so! Mary certainly blows that stereotype out the water.

What did we learn different about this gorgeous 40-year old low-carb superstar in this new column? Click here to find out!


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