Uh-Oh, Oh Yeah! Protein Bars Not As Low-Carb As You Think

Filed under: New Product — @ March 12, 2007

If you like the “low-carb” Oh Yeah! bars, then you MUST read this!

One of the things you hear me repeat over and over again within the context of the low-carb lifestyle is to be sure you are reading the nutrition labels on everything you buy carefully.

But what if that favorite “low-carb” bar of yours that you’ve put your trust and faith in the manufacturer telling you the truth about what you are putting in your mouth ain’t exactly as low in carbohydrates as they claim it is after all, hmmm? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what has happened with the popular new Oh Yeah! protein wafer sticks from a company called ISS Research now appearing in several of the major online low-carb and health retail sites.


The dirty little secret about their allegedly 3g carb protein sticks is the fact that it grossly understates the actual carbs by more than half! Actually, the entire package of Oh Yeah! protein wafer bars have 8g carbs for the two wafers (not 3g as has been purported), or 6g net carbs (when you subtract the 2g dietary fiber).

Find out how this happened and what you can do to protect your low-carb weight loss efforts from being sabotaged by this kind of thing by clicking here.


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