First Ruby Tuesday, Now Subway Rejects Low-Carb Dieters

Filed under: Business — @ March 14, 2007

You may “Eat Fresh” at Subway, but it won’t be low-carb anymore

With all the positive press that has been coming out about livin’ la vida low-carb lately, the sad reality is this good news has not translated into public acceptance and spread into the business sector, particularly the restaurant and food industry. While the year of the comeback for low-carb in 2007 is already underway from research labs all around the world, too many companies that provided low-carb options for carb-shunning dieters have slammed the door in our face rejecting our needs as health-conscious consumers.

I recently blogged about the low-carb company Eat Well Be Well closing its doors for good in January 2007 after moving away from being associated with the low-carb market. And we know all too well about where restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday stands on the subject of the low-carb diet after they removed their world-famous low-carb cheesecake from their menu in May 2006 and then declared two months later that would be “moving away from diet-related items (such as the Atkins diet), and appealing to a wider customer base.” How nice for them, hmm? Just makes me feel so welcome when dining out there–NOT!

Well, it’s happening again with two other businesses that previously showed a commitment to making products suitable for people following the low-carb lifestyle. I hate it when this happens because the low-carb opponents immediately start pointing to this as some sort of flim-flam “evidence” that low-carb has been rejected by the public and has thus failed as a dietary approach. It does no such thing and yet that is the prevailing thought process coming from the jaded minds of the naysayers.

Click here to learn more about the specific low-carb offerings that have been pulled by Arnold breads and Subway restaurants and what you as a low-carb consumer can do to help bring them back. Be sure to read my interview with a spokesman from Subway who explained why they made the change.


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