Interviewed by ‘Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple’ Blog

Filed under: Health — @ March 14, 2007

I let loose in my interview with “Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple” blog

Do you remember when I blogged about 10 healthy new diet and weight loss blogs a few weeks ago? One of those blogs is “Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple” which has quickly become one of my must-read health blogs on the Internet. His perspective is one that is sorely needed for such a time as this.

Mark has a background in biology as well as competitive professional sports and is a strong proponent of low-carb encouraging his readers to not be afraid to try it. His three-step rule is to “drench yourself in good fats, eat plenty of lean protein, and eat green and colorful vegetables with reckless abandon.” Sounds like a plan to me! :)

Recently, someone from Mark’s office contacted me about an interview for their web site. It seems they were impressed by what I am doing online to spread the message of the low-carb lifestyle and wanted to share a little more of Jimmy Moore with their readers. They asked me some very intriguing questions to which I shared straight from the convictions of my heart no holds barred. Would you expect anything less?

Read Part 1 of what they call a “can’t miss interview with everyone


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