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Filed under: Health — @ March 16, 2007

Are you a woman who cares about the subjects of health and fitness? If so, then you may want to check out the Womens Health and Fitness Podcast Directory. It’s brand spankin’ new and on the cutting edge of bringing you all the best information about living a healthy lifestyle that you can find on the Internet today.

What it is specifically is a categorized directory of podcasts, expert articles and forums that provide information on the most popular and current issues in women’s health and fitness. The list of topics is constantly being updated and includes ones like exercise, nutrition, the mind-body connection, age-specific health information, and motivation.

Additionally, you can find workouts and exercise music that you can download and take with you for that walk around the block or even to the gym. The directory specifically attracts women who are looking for information and advice on taking care of themselves and improving their personal health and fitness. We could all use a little more of that, can’t we? :)

They recently invited me to submit my low-carb podcast to their directory and I did. With the issue of women’s health at this web site of the utmost importance, they are hoping to draw together all of the most popular and useful links and information to help people get exactly what they need without wasting their time on useless ones. The Womens Health And Fitness Podcast Directory wants to be the go-to site for healthy living for females.

If you have a health-related blog that you would like to submit to them, then please share that information to add it to their growing directory. This could be an excellent way to get your blog or web site about livin’ la vida low-carb in front of an audience that may not otherwise know who you are. Share what you do with other women who are interested in diet and health!

Go ahead and check out Womens Health and Fitness Podcast Directory.


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