Enough Already With The Salt Is Unhealthy Claim

Filed under: Health — @ March 19, 2007

There are a lot of universally-held beliefs regarding health that sometimes we just automatically accept as cold hard facts without ever seriously investigating those claims under a microscope and seeing what the latest research shows. Such is the case with the notion that consuming salt is bad for your health because it will raise your blood pressure. It’s just not true and I’ll explain why in a moment.

This subject was brought up by one of my very regular readers in a recent e-mail:

Dear Jimmy,

My question for you is about high blood pressure. I have been recently diagnosed with it and frankly I was shocked. I went to a Curves screening to check out my cholesterol (mine was great–low triglycerides, normal blood sugars, low LDL and high HDL), but I was taken by surprise when I saw my blood pressure was elevated.

Predictably, when I went to my doctor he recommended I go on blood pressure medication, immediately start the low-fat DASH diet and include regular exercise into my routine. I do not want to takes any medications if I can help it. However, I do admit to eating more carbs than usual (I really love potatoes) but I don


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