Interview With the Bob and Sheri Show

Filed under: Events — @ March 19, 2007

I just had a fun interview for the Bob and Sheri Show, which is nationally syndicated from WLNK-FM in Charlotte, North Carolina on over 60 affiliate stations across the U.S.

They raised some interesting points and questions. For instance, Bob owned up to getting a candy bar but only eating a bite of it beforehand — did I somehow positively influence him to cut back on his sugar consumption? (Hope so.) Or they wanted to know what to do in the face of all the over-the-top temptations with which we’re regularly confronted. (I mentioned one of my favorite tactics.)

And Sheri, speaking as a mom, said she was concerned about all the candies that her kids were bringing home from school and wanted to know to convey her message to the other parents, who would normally react to her like, “Get over yourself.” (I replied by pointing out that you want to present sugar-reduction as a positive, pro-health thing to do that could boost kids’ performance and attendance in school.)

Find out how you can listen to this interview here.


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