Is Britney Spears An Out-of-Control Sugar Addict?

Filed under: Celebrity — @ March 19, 2007

Is pop star Britney Spears under the grips of a dangerous sugar addiction?

Is she really mindlessly downing one Cokes after another?

Does she constantly suck lollipops or incessantly chomp on other hard candies?

Do danishes and donuts frequently land in her stomach, as well as cake or cookies?
In other words, is Britney flying high on sucrose, high fructose corn syrup and caffeine — so much so that she’s constantly throwing her poor stressed-out body into an almost constant state of SUGAR SHOCK?

And I can’t help but wonder: Might drugs, sugar or alcohol have triggered erratic, unpredictable behavior in her such as when the pop star shaved off her gorgeous locks on Feb. 16?

Now, please bear in mind that I have no inside information about Britney’s sugar habit. I am, in fact, relying on Star magazine’s un-bylined article “Britney’s Rehab Rebellion,” which reports that the pop diva has dived into the depths of a sugar habit and demanding, undignified diva-ish antics that show no signs of letting up.

Britney has, as Star puts it, a “raging sweet tooth,” a phenomenon that also grabbed the attention of the gossip website, Defamer.

It’s perhaps ironic that the pop star is now in rehab, as People and other publications reported. She’s reportedly been getting treatment at Promises Rehabilitation Center in Malibu, California, since Feb. 20 for conditions that Star claims are “substance abuse, bipolar disorder, bulimia and postpartum depression.”

The sugar behavior recounted by an anonymous source to Star is quite scary.

Find out just how scary Britney’s sugar jones is here.


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