Part 1: JAMA Low-Carb Study Discussion

Filed under: Podcast — @ March 20, 2007

Today and Thursday I have a special edition of my podcast show to share with you. In Episode 35 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore,” you will access the first part of an exciting teleconference call the took place recently following the JAMA study from Stanford University showing the Atkins diet was better after one year for weight loss and improved health. Check out Part 1 right now:

You will notice that Episode 35 is about twice as long as normal for my podcast show. Because I was out of town all of last week (and just got home off a red-eye flight Monday afternoon), we decided to split the recent teleconference call sponsored by into two parts and it features some low-carb luminaries that you may recognize in Part 1–Dana Carpender, Dr. Mary C. Vernon, and myself all got to ask Dr. Michael Dansinger and Dr. James Hill questions about the low-carb study that shocked the world recently. Tune in for the fireworks!

Let me apologize for the poor sound quality of the podcast. It was a recorded teleconference call with people calling in from all over, so the quality is only about as good as a bad phone connection. If you can endure through that, then it is well worth your time to listen and I’d love to know what you think. Provide your comments and state whether you are buying the argument by Dr. Hill that low-carb is only good for temporary, short-term weight loss.

Be sure to listen to the second half of the teleconference call on Thursday which will feature even more famous low-carb researchers and bloggers you will quickly recognize. I even get in another comment or two challenging this “temporary” argument head-on. Don’t miss it!


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