Low-Carb Diet Helps 270-Pound Model Drop To A Sexy And Fit 120

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Taylor Stevens celebrates one year of low-carb success 150 pounds lighter

There are certain dates that are important ones to you within the course of your life here on Earth. Your birthday. Your wedding anniversary. Your graduation from high school and college.

But for those of us who have been overweight or obese and then were finally able to overcome that battle once and for all using a low-carb program, there’s another date that becomes extremely important, too. It’s the day that you decided to start livin’ la vida low-carb and your world was forever changed for the better as a result.

For me, that day was January 1, 2004, but for Canadian model Taylor Stevens it was just one year ago yesterday on March 22, 2006 that she decided the time had come to do something about her weight problem for good.

Pushing 300 pounds was a wake-up call for Taylor Stevens

For Stevens, losing weight was not just an option for her but rather a real necessity since she makes her living as an online model and entertainer. In other words, the fact that her weight had crept up to 270 pounds meant her career could very well be in jeopardy. The intial shock of just how big she had gotten when she weighed herself last year was enough to wake her up to the reality of the problem she now faced.

“Stepping on the scale to realize that I had gotten that big was really hard for me,” Stevens admitted. “It was very hard for me to look at myself and what I had allowed myself to become despite the fact that my ‘fans’ liked me that way.”

Even still, Stevens said although she heard a few “rude and insulting comments” from some of her fans as she got bigger and bigger while performing on camera, that merely “fueled the fire” within her to actually do something about it this time.

But then her magic epiphany moment to begin the low-carb lifestyle in earnest occurred when she was visiting Las Vegas, Nevada in early 2006. Find out what happened to Taylor Stevens in Vegas last year that led her to begin a low-carb weight loss journey that would eventually help her shed 150 pounds in one year (and allow her to fit into a bikini for a photo shoot on the beaches of Cancun!) by clicking here.


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