Popular Health Radio Show To Feature Low-Carb Weight Loss Success Story

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Dr. Adam Shafran and Lee Kantor are “Dr. Fitness And The Fat Guy”

Have you heard about this great radio show/podcast that’s happening down in Atlanta, Georgia called “Dr. Fitness And The Fat Guy” featuring hosts Dr. Adam Shafran and Lee Kantor? If not, then you really should see for yourself the outstanding work these two are doing to promote healthy living in a fun and exciting way. I’ve always tried to make weight loss and getting fit as engaging and entertaining as possible here at my blog and on my own podcast show, so I’m glad to see this same philosophy being implored by others.

I wanted to let you know about this show because they have invited me to be their special call-in guest to appear LIVE on the program on Sunday, March 25, 2007 at around 7:15pm EST on WGSR 710AM. If you live in or around the Atlanta metropolitan area, then I’d love to have you tune in to “Dr. Fitness And The Fat Guy” to hear me talk about the positive benefits of livin’ la vida low-carb! WOO HOO!

While I do have quite a few readers who hail from the Atlanta area, I realize most of you do not. Not to fear, though, because through the magic of the World Wide Web, you will have access to the show LIVE as it is happening. All you need is iTunes on your computer and you’ll be ready to go come 7:00pm EST on Sunday night. When you are ready to listen to WGSR in real time, just CLICK HERE and in seconds you will be listening (remember, don’t click on that link until you are ready to tune into the show).

I’m looking forward to the 10-15 minute interview with “Dr. Fitness And The Fat Guy” to share my 180-pound low-carb weight loss success story and my subsequent book, blogs, and podcast show with them. I’ve listened to several of their past shows already and was struck by the incredible chemistry between Dr. Shafran and Kantor which is absolutely perfect for what they are doing to help people get interested in the subject of health and fitness–not an easy task to accomplish! But they pull it off quite nicely.

In addition to their awesome web site, be sure to take a look at their blog and even listen to previous shows so you can get an idea of what “Dr Fitness And The Fat Guy” is all about. Both are very opinionated and aren’t afraid to tell you what they think–does that remind you of anyone? Hmm, I wonder. :D

Be sure to drop a quick e-mail to both Dr. Shafran and Lee for having me on their super show. It’s nice to know there are STILL people in this world advocating a healthy lifestyle these days who aren’t misinforming people about the low-carb nutritional approach by calling it a dangerous fad that is unhealthy. Their willingness to have Mr. “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” Man Jimmy Moore appear on their show is proof “Dr. Fitness And The Fat Guy” don’t buy into that nonsense. We should applaud leaders like these in health and fitness every chance we can get! Let’s show ‘em the love from the low-carb community, shall we? :)

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And be sure to sign up for their FREE Partner Power Weight Loss Program eNewsletter as well as pick up a copy of their January 2005 book release from the same publisher who did my book–Booklocker.com–called You Can’t Lose Weight Alone. From what I have seen, the theme of their book is focused on “lifestyle change” which is something you hear me talk about all the time. So check it out!

Let me know what you thought of the show if you decide to listen on Sunday night! :)


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