Dr. Gott Must Have Forgot His Diet Manners

Filed under: Review — @ March 26, 2007

A book about avoiding flour and sugar–a low-carber’s dream!

I live my life by the KISS motto–keep it simple stupid!

That’s because simplicity is the most effective way to make something as complicated as something like a healthy diet as understandable as possible to everyone who hears it. People are already confused enough from the health “experts” about how many calories they need to be eating, what kinds of foods they should be consuming, trying to figure out the proper ratio of carbohydrates, fat and protein they should be eating–somebody please make the madness of it all go away! AAAAACK!

Well, that is exactly what syndicated health columnist Dr. Peter H. Gott (“Ask Dr. Gott”) has attempted to do with his very simple, yet incredibly effective four-word diet plan and here it is: NO FLOUR, NO SUGAR! That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less. Just avoid the white flour and eliminate all forms of sugar from your diet and you will lose and maintain your weight forever and ever, amen. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

It’s this kind of bare minimum advice that is winning Dr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Diet enthusiastic fans the world over. For those of us who are livin’ la vida low-carb, we already know how important it is to remove flour and sugar from our diet because these are the kind of carbohydrates that are making Americans fat and unhealthy at a record pace. However, there can also be a case made for avoiding other high-carb foods like potatoes, rice, pasta, processed foods, and junk foods, too. But this is at least a good start.

If the issue of obesity were simply a matter of cosmetics, then it wouldn’t be such a crisis right now. But the sad fact that Dr. Gott points out very clearly in his book is that the resulting health problems that have come from the existence and prevalence of obesity alone is unnecessarily having an adverse impact on the quality of life of tens of millions of Americans. In fact, it is leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths annually and nobody seems to care!

As a diet and weight loss advocate myself, I was pleased to see Dr. Gott talk so openly about important elements of living healthy such as keeping a food journal, carefully reading nutritional labels, finding support from people who will help you lose weight, exercising regularly, adequately planning for your new lifestyle change, avoiding the real fad diets, staying focused on the plan, and making your new habits stick for proper weight maintenance for many years to come.

All of this is excellent advice, but…

Unfortunately, Dr. Gott doesn’t embrace livin’ la vida low-carb as a viable means for permanently losing weight and keeping it off forever because he thinks it is “potentially harmful” to eat the high amounts of protein and saturated fat from animal sources while allegedly decreasing the amount of fiber as well as fruits and veggies consumed with such an “extreme” plan like the Atkins diet. He sounds the warning bell that all of this will lead to an even bigger risk of heart disease, obesity, and maybe even cancer over the long-term.

Click here to read more of my review of Dr. Gott’s No Flour, No Sugar Diet including my response to his absolutely ridiculous claims against low-carb diets.


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