Atlanta Radio Show Hosts Low-Carb Dieter Jimmy Moore

Filed under: Health — @ March 27, 2007

My interview with “Dr. Fitness And The Fat Guy” Sunday was so much fun

One of the unique opportunities that I have the pleasure of doing from time to time is appearing as a guest or feature in various media outlets. I’ve had the privilege of being interviewed in various places across the country on television, radio, blogs, newspapers, and the like so much now that I actually feel comfortable doing this format extemporaneously with no preparation whatsoever. When you live it, then it just flows out of you naturally.

So how about it, Maury Povich? Regis Philbin? Jay Leno? Oprah Winfrey? I’ve got a real story to tell and rest assured “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Man” will certainly keep it entertaining for you, I can promise you that! :D

I guess people are intrigued by characters like Jimmy Moore who successfully lose half their weight and then keep it off for good. That’s exactly why the Atlanta, GA-based “Dr. Fitness And The Fat Guy” radio show interviewed me on Sunday night. What’s funny is I almost didn’t make it on the show because I forgot to call in at the appointed time. OOPS!

Listen NOW to the replay podcast of the entire March 25, 2007 episode of my appearance on “Dr. Fitness And The Fat Guy” by CLICKING HERE. My segment is the first one after their opening monologue. You’ll hear them say they “hope” Jimmy Moore will be coming up after the break. That’s because I freaked them out by not calling on time. Mea culpa!

What an awesome show it was and they made it engaging, entertaining, and a downright good time! These guys definitely know how to have fun and you can read more about the exciting interview by clicking here.


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