UK-Based GoLower Company Now Has A Podcast

Filed under: Health — @ March 31, 2007

Have you checked out the brand new podcast show from the UK-based low-carb products company called GoLower?

As you know from my reviews of the GoLower nut bars and the new GoLower chocolate creme bars, I’m a fan of GoLower and could not be more pleased to know they are helping low-carbers in Europe and America enjoy product that are low-sugar and delicious.

Ever since I interviewed GoLower Founder and CEO Hannah Sutter last year, I knew this was a special woman concerned about the health and weight of people who struggle with obesity. If more food companies had this kind of leadership and business model for actually serving the overweight public, then perhaps we could move forward in coming up with a solution to the problem.

The immense admiration I have for GoLower is mutual as they have been very supportive of my efforts here at my blog. That’s why they invited me to share a few minutes about my low-carb weight loss experience in their Carbcast Episode #3. It’s only a few minutes long and you might learn a thing or two more about Jimmy Moore that you didn’t before. :)

Be sure to leave a comment and thank GoLower for featuring me on their Carbcast.


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