Working As An Extra On Clooney’s ‘Leatherheads’

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A shot of football actors during filming of the movie “Leatherheads”

Ever since I thought I might have a chance at being in “Leatherheads,” the upcoming 1920′s period film which is actually a romantic comedy about the birth of professional football directed by and starring the one and only Hollywood superstar George Clooney (do you see him in that picture above–probably not since it’s so small, but he’s the one wearing #7 on the left-hand side), I’ve kinda felt like good things were about to happen for me.

Then when I got the fateful call late last month that the casting director wanted to use me as an extra in what is sure to be a blockbuster flick when it comes out in early 2008, I was totally surprised but overjoyed at the opportunity.

There’s Jimmy Moore in his doorman costume in “Leatherheads”

A few weeks ago, I experienced my first time ever on the set of the “Leatherheads” movie during the taping of a scene where I portray the doorman of a hotel. That was an awesome time since my character was the only extra in the scene that Clooney’s character actually talks to. They miked me up to give a line back, but then decided I didn’t need one. YES I DO! PLEASE! LOL!

Nevertheless, it was still a fun experience and I thought that was the end of my work as an extra on a Hollywood film. But then I got another call from the casting office for “Leatherheads” earlier this week asking me if I would like to do some more extra work. Uh, let me think about it…HOW MANY WAYS CAN YOU SAY YES?! They said filming would begin on Thursday and last through Saturday if I could make it. You bet your sweet bippy me, myself, and I will all be there.

One of the old-timey cars used on the set of “Leatherheads”

What a weekend it was! You can read the rest of the details from my latest extra work on the set of George Clooney’s movie called “Leatherheads” as well as see more pictures by clicking here.


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