Whether We Like It Or Not, American Idol IS America

Filed under: Television — @ April 5, 2007

American Idol has become a microcosm of modern society

Let’s face it: Our culture is obsessed with American Idol. Whether we realize it or not, this simple little talent show has quickly become one of the most talked about and commercially successful television shows of our lifetime. There’s a little something for everyone in this show and perhaps it is the thrill of watching these no-name people become household names almost overnight. They get to live the American dream and that’s awesome.

One thing I have observed about that show is how it embodies so much more about our culture than just seeing who has the best vocal talent in the country. There are many intricate levels of complexity weaved throughout the show that explain how and why this show is so appealing. Although Simon Cowell likes to often repeat that “this is a singing competition,” the fact is it is not. American Idol has become a popularity contest based on both the looks and the talent of the singers.

That’s what I addressed in this recent blog post about my fellow South Carolina resident Chris Sligh before he was booted off the show last week after making the Top 10. Although Sligh was ready to come home, I think his weight had something to do with his demise as a contestant.

My theory was intriguing enough to Michigan-based MLive.com reporter Doug Pullen that he interviewed me about the subject last week for about 30 minutes for a column that published on Wednesday.

Click here to read the article, see what quotes Pullen used from me expanding my thoughts on the weight connection to American Idol, and to view a rather odd response to my original column from a reader on another web site I write for.


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