Defeating Cancer, Obesity Takes Having A Little Faith

Filed under: Health — @ April 6, 2007

These are two very dear men in my life: Steve Dyar and Kevin Moore

This blog is as much about my life as it is about the low-carb lifestyle. I’ve never even tried to keep these two things separate because Jimmy Moore the normal guy is the exact same person as Jimmy Moore the man who lost almost 200 pounds on the Atkins diet. Anyone who tries to compartmentalize each aspect of their lives into different little boxes can never be completely themselves and I don’t try to live my life that way. What you see is what you get, warts and all!

Because I write about my life within the context of the discussion of health, diet, and the low-carb lifestyle, there are some rather personal stories of real people who I have shared with you. I have asked you to pray for people who are going through intense and seemingly hopeless health complications and often I receive e-mails from readers wanting to hear an update on those dear loved ones in my life.

THANK YOU for all the wonderful e-mails of concern about both my friend Steve Dyar and my brother Kevin Moore. These men are a big part of my life and I want God’s will to be done in both of these situations regardless of what that may be. I firmly believe that God has the power to touch them physically and restore them to full health. Trusting Him to bring about His Will for them, I only ask that you join me in my prayers. God bless you and THANKS for your sincere and heartfelt interest.

Click here for an update on their respective health situations.


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