Book Review: The Checklist by Dr. Manny Alvarez

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“Dr. Manny” arms you with informed health information you can use

A 37-year old businessman has to leave work early to pass a kidney stone. A 62-year old grandmother keeps turning the television up louder and louder to hear it while her grandkids cover their ears. A sad and despondent teenager thinks she is too fat and begins throwing up to help her lose weight. An expectant mother-to-be has high blood pressure and wonders how that will impact the health of her baby.

If there was a way to prevent these everyday moments in life from happening, would you want to know about it? If somehow you inherently knew what was about to happen to your health in the next 5, 10, even 50 years, then how would that change the way you live your life? What if there was some sort of manual to provide guidance and direction about how to stay ahead of the curve and actually prevent the most common ailments from afflicting you before they happen?

Well, that’s exactly what the new book by Dr. Manny Alvarez entitled The Checklist: What You And Your Family Need To Know To Prevent Disease And Live A Long And Healthy Life has set out to do! Whether you are 3 months, 3 years, 33 or even 93, this book tells you exactly what you can expect in terms of your health based on the decade of life you are currently living in.

Most people know “Dr. Manny” from his fantastic work as a health correspondent on the FOX News Channel. Seeing a void in the health market for a book explaining what happens to the typical person at various stages of their life, Dr. Manny decided to write this book so that people won’t be caught off guard when calamity hits.

Of course, he is not so presumptuous to think that people can only be stricken with certain diseases and health complications during a given decade. We all know that we are susceptible to just about anything given the circumstances, so this book is merely a guide of what COULD happen in the future or maybe even sooner. That’s why it’s probably an excellent idea for you to go ahead and skip to the chapters ahead of your current age so you can prepare yourself and even ward off what for many is the inevitable.

Click here to read the rest of my review of The Checklist by Dr. Manny Alvarez.


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