Dana Carpender Gravitating Back To Low-Carb Support

Filed under: Celebrity — @ April 9, 2007

It was right about a year ago when I blogged about Dana Carpender being forced to change the name of her nationally-syndicated newspaper column from “Low Carb For Life” to “Cook Well, Eat Well.” As you know, I was pretty critical of her at the time questioning whether she was abandoning “low-carb” in favor of a more watered down, all-inclusive general health message instead.

Even when I interviewed her last September, she seemed to confirm my suspicions that she was moving away from “low-carb” support and transition to the more convoluted “low glycemic load” language instead. Carpender believed at the time that the media had so twisted what “low-carb” really is that it needed to be called something else.

Well, something must have happened since the calendar flipped to 2007 because the Dana Carpender of old is back. This is the one who boldly champions livin’ la vida low-carb using her bully pulpit national column to do so. It’s good to see she has returned to the roots of where she began because Dana Carpender without “low-carb” is like SpongeBob without SquarePants (now there’s a visual for ya!).

Want more evidence that she’s back? Check out her latest column in response to the infamous Stanford study showing the Atkins low-carb diet outperformed the rest of the major diet programs out there for both weight loss and improvements in health. Carpender absolutely hits it out of the park with her focus on the mounting evidence in favor of low-carb.

Click here to read comments from Carpender’s column as well as an e-mail from someone who has finally become convinced that the Atkins low-carb diet is the way she should eat to lose weight and get healthy.


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