The Latest Diet Gadget: The Cal-Carb Clicker

Filed under: New Product — @ April 11, 2007

The Cal-Carb Clicker helps you track your calories, carbs, and water

Making the transition to a healthy low-carb lifestyle should not be a burden on your normal everyday routine. I’m all in favor of finding ways for people to make the process of livin’ la vida low-carb as smooth and easy as possible.

When I was losing 180 pounds on the Atkins diet back in 2004, I kept a paper journal with the number of carbs I ate, the amount of water I drank, and the minutes I exercised. This weight loss journal was an important aspect of my eventual success, but it was comical trying to keep up with all of those things using little sticky notes and pieces of paper that I could find to keep track of all it all.

Wouldn’t it be easier in this technologically-advanced world of ours to have a handy dandy little electronic device you can carry around in your pocket to keep close tabs on your diet for you without the use of pen and paper? Sure it would!

That’s why I’m happy to introduce to you a brand new product that does exactly that–it’s The Cal-Carb Clicker and I LOVE THIS THING!

Designed by a pair of sisters named Lindee Lee Bingham and Sandy Martucci, this simple little product has been a long time in the making. For people who are counting their calories, carbs, points, blocks, fat grams (NOT!), and water intake, this little clicker is going to make your life easier–a WHOLE LOT easier!

Click here to find out more about this snazzy new Cal-Carb Clicker and how it will help you on your low-carb lifestyle.


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