Want Water That Tastes Better Than Bottled?

Filed under: New Product — @ April 13, 2007

NANO H2O promises years worth of high-quality water

Water is one of those key ingredients in an effective weight loss plan, especially livin’ la vida low-carb, that people like to moan and complain about. Why? Because most of them think water is disgusting primarily because they are drinking tap water. Why else would the bottled water industry experience such an explosion in popularity over the past decade?

But you know what? I’ve got some secrets to tell you about that supposedly “better” bottled water. Shhhhh! The manufacturers don’t want you to know this, but most bottled water sold in the United States is NOT even filtered or better for you than tap water because it comes directly from the public municipalities. GASP! What makes this really bad is the fact that you pay so much more for bottled water than tap. Dangit!

So what choice do we have about getting safe, great-tasting water from the convenience of our own home at an affordable price? I think I’ve found the answer for you: the NANO H2O water purification system.

From the makers of the fantastic air purifier system NANO O2 I told you about a few months back, this water filtration contraption is one of the most incredible water purifiers I have ever seen in my life (and those measly little Brita filters don’t even come close to matching this!).

Click here to find out what makes the NANO H2O different from those “other” water filtration systems out there.


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