FDA To Low-Carb Company: Get Rid Of ‘All That Fat’!

Filed under: Business — @ April 16, 2007

The FDA is overstepping its authority on what a healthy diet is

It’s time to state the obvious–The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is chock full of a bunch of blithering idiots! There, I said it. And now that I have, I really don’t feel a bit of remorse about making such a bold statement after learning about something they recently did to a low-carb company.

The identity of this company will remain anonymous in this post for obvious reasons, but you would recognize it if I told you. The FDA confiscated this company’s products during a recent shipment and sent it to their lab for testing as well as examining the nutritional label with a fine-toothed comb.

The result was a heavy-handed reprimand about the how unhealthy the product was because of “all that fat” which they claim would make it impossible for people to lose weight.

Regarding claims that sugar spikes your insulin levels which then leads to obesity, the FDA said to this low-carb company that claim is simply “not proven” and that the low-carb diet for all intents and purposes amounts to “sheer nonsense.”

When the FDA can threaten an innocent low-carb company like this one just because they disagree with what solid nutritional science is showing, it’s time for the citizens to demand better from their government. We don’t need to have the FDA hold our hand about the fat content of the foods we eat.

Learn more about this unbelievable story of strongarm tactics by the FDA by clicking here.


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