New Film, “King Corn,” Captures The Limelight in Wisconsin: Will This Be The Next Hot Food Documentary?

Filed under: Health — @ April 16, 2007

It certainly sounds like we’ll be definitely hearing a lot more about this new offbeat feature documentary, “King Corn,” about two Bostonians-turned-neophyte-farmers, who grow an acre of corn destined to become high fructose corn syrup or feed for cattle being fattened up for slaughter.

I confess: I haven’t seen “King Corn” yet, but my intuitive, gut-level feeling is that this film will become the next hot food-related documentary with at least some of the hooplas bestowed on “Super Size Me.”

Anyhow, accounts from Madison, Wisconsin, where the film was shown Woolf Friday for the third or fourth time in public — and the first time in the Heartland — were quite enthusiastic.

Find out more about this new documentary here.


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