‘Bad Fat Brothers’ Warning Against Eating Fat

Filed under: Health — @ April 17, 2007

“Sat” and “Trans” make up the heart-breaking “Bad Fat Brothers”

The impetuosity of the American Heart Association (AHA) regarding the dietary information they provide the general public has now reached a new low with the introduction of the cute, jovial, and innocent-looking, but very sinister, spurious, and smug cartoon characters named “Sat” and “Trans”–aka “The Bad Fat Brothers.”

Have you seen this new perverted propaganda piece from the anti-fat adversaries at the AHA attempting to hoodwink the general public about how allegedly “unhealthy” consuming fat–specifically saturated fat and trans fat–is in your diet?

You are never gonna believe this until you see if for yourself. It sorta reminds me of the Spuddy character that the potato industry created to try to endear people to their unhealthy carb-loaded products.

As the names imply, “Sat” is short for saturated fat and “Trans” is for (you guessed it!) trans fat. These two can’t-help-but-love-them chaps go blabbering all about what they love to eat as you navigate around the “Bad Fats Brothers” web site. The purpose of this dynamic duo is to attempt to warn the public about how dangerous it is for them to be consuming all that saturated fat and trans fat lest they “break your heart.”

Get a load of this and this to see how disgusting the malicious lies from the AHA have become. How can they get away with flaunting such unfounded statements like these without any recourse?

Click here to read more about the AHA’s “Bad Fat Brothers” propaganda against trans fat and saturated fat.


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