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One of the neatest aspects of blogging about low-carb are all the people who discover the truth about this way of eating day after day after day. That’s why I always keep the lines of communication open for anyone who desires to learn more about livin’ la vida low-carb…even if I’ve answered those SAME questions many times before. I’m working on a frequently asked questions (FAQ) link along with a full upgrade to the look of my blog to help with this, but it’s not ready yet. Soon. :)

Of all the places I write online includes the discussion area at I love this relatively new feature on Amazon because it exposes people to a variety of voices they may not have otherwise known about. In August 2006, I posted a question that simply asked “What Are Your Criticisms Of The Low-Carb Lifestyle?”

Responses from all kinds of people have poured in over the past eight months, but there was one from a person named Smartypants that was full of some excellent questions and intriguing statements about low-carb living. Let’s take a look at what this person’s “criticisms” of the low-carb lifestyle are:

OK Jimmy, here are my criticisms. My experience with low carb has been good and bad, I never lost any weight, but the high protein and fat kept me from getting very hungry.

I low-carbed for two solid years with no slip-ups and never lost a pound. Then I was put on a medication for diabetes that made me very nauseated and I started eating carbs to settle my stomach (which worked better than, say, chicken or fish). I lost weight, finally.

This weight loss I am assuming came from the nausea and not eating very many calories, which just blows the low carb concept all to heck. I felt better on low carb, I will admit, but if I don’t lose weight, the diabetes doesn’t get any better. So, it seems to me, that it’s still the calories that count.

Now I’ve been told my cholesterol is too high (I believe you, it’s of questionable significance) and my HCP has told me to cut out the fats for weight loss and lipid control. How do I work this into a low carb diet? If I have to count calories and cut out the fat, that pretty much takes me back to the SAD.

I’d love to get your take on this.

Don’t you know I had a thing or two to say. Click here to see my thorough response to all of these “criticisms” of low-carb from a concerned reader at


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