Fiber Is A Good Carb You Consume On A Low-Carb Diet

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ April 20, 2007

Low-carb diets get a bad rap for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the assumption that this way of eating does not encourage the consumption of fiber. WHAT?! How absurd! If you are livin’ la vida low-carb and NOT eating enough fiber, then don’t come whining and complaining to me that you are all stopped up and constipated. That’s ridiculous!

Let’s be straight about something: fiber itself IS a carbohydrate, but you don’t have to count fiber in your total carb consumption. So when I mention low-carb, that doesn’t mean you don’t consume fiber carbs. You do. However, you get to subtract fiber away from your carb counts to get your net carbs. It’s that easy.

Nevertheless, there’s confusion about fiber as it relates to low-carb as evidenced by this recent e-mail I received from a reader who wanted to know how she could possibly get more fiber in her diet:

I hate taking pills (that’s why I’m not a diet pill popper). I was wondering how do you get enough fiber into your diet when you give up carbs (especially since we are suppose to be taking in 25-38 mg daily)?

I would appreciate your input. I know that carbs made me chunky and I took them out last October…although I lost slowly and hit tons of plateaus, I feel so much better!!!

Click here to read my answer to this reader’s question with my suggestions about how to get more fiber in her low-carb diet.


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