Saying Goodbye, But Never Forgetting My Grandmother

Filed under: Events — @ April 23, 2007

My Memaw Luerene Moore left behind a rich family heritage

This past week has been like a blur for me after hearing the news about the death of my grandmother and the subsequent funeral plans in the early part of last week. Of course, I wasn’t about to miss this, so I rented a car and drove the 500-mile trip from Spartanburg, South Carolina to Bolivar, Tennessee to be at my grandmother’s funeral.

It’s amazing how fast everything happened. Last Sunday morning, my Memaw Luerene got up, dressed for church and went faithfully to the Lord’s house as she had for most of her life. She told a few people she wasn’t feeling well that day, but nobody really thought it was serious. Later that evening, though, she called for an ambulance to come get her because she was having a heart attack.

Over the next 24 hours her body began to shut down and her health was only being supported by machines. My dad and the rest of the family knew she was gone. Early on Tuesday morning, my cell phone rang from my father and he let me know about Memaw Luerene passing away. Although I didn’t know how I was going to get there, there was nothing that would stop me because that woman meant way too much in my life for me to miss the chance to say goodbye and honor her by being at her funeral.

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