Headed To The Phillipines As Missionaries

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Matt Johnson and Jed Dearybury are two very special men

I’d like to introduce you to two of the neatest guys you’ll ever meet in your life. Their names are Matt Johnson and Jed Dearybury. Matt sings tenor in the church choir with me and Jed plays trumpet in the orchestra.

In February, both of them along with a couple from our church went on a mission trip to the Phillipines to deliver some of the more than 7.6 million Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes with a special gift for children in third world countries. It’s an awesome ministry that means so much to these fellas.

People who know Matt and Jed will be the first to testify how strong they believe in the ministry of this effort led by Franklin Graham (son of evangelist Billy Graham). It’s such a small effort to create a shoebox with about $8 worth of stuff, but it means the world to these children who get them as gifts. Matt and Jed got to see that firsthand just a couple of months ago.

Well, as teachers in the local public school system in South Carolina, Matt and Jed thought their lives were set. But God had something else in mind for them after their trip to the Phillipines when they found out that there was a need for teachers in a school there. Feeling the call of the Lord, they will be headed back to the Phillipines in early July.

It would totally make Matt and Jed’s day if you would pay a visit to “Matt’s Lesson For A Day” blog and Jed’s “A Dearybury Of A Day” blog. Learn more about their trip to the Phillipines this summer and their efforts to raise the $30,000 in funds to be there for at least a year. You can even leave a comment at their blogs and let them know you are thinking and praying for them.

I’m very proud of Jed and Matt because they are devoting their lives to others. This act of selflessness is almost unheard of with today’s younger generation. Here are two handsome 20-something single guys sacrificing themselves for something with a greater purpose than themselves is about as remarkable as anything you’ll ever see. I’m so honored to know both of them.

God bless you Matt and Jed! I’m so very proud of you both!


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