New Low-Carb Resources From Atkins, Eberstein

Filed under: Publications — @ April 25, 2007

Mrs. Veronica Atkins and Jackie Eberstein have new web sites

Although members of the media and those low-fat loving health “experts” would desperately like to convince people that the Atkins diet is just some passing overnight fad that is dangerous and unhealthy, the truth is just the opposite.

There’s not a more healthy way to eat on this planet than the low-carb lifestyle and now we have two strong voices with brand new web sites in an effort to keep the incredible legacy of the late great Dr. Robert C. Atkins alive in 2007 and beyond.

My only regret is that I never had the chance to walk up to this man and shake his hand (heck, I might have even hugged his neck if he would have let me!) for changing my life forever. Had it not been for the Atkins diet, then I could quite possibly be a dead man today.

I’ve never taken for granted the lessons I have learned from my Atkins experience which is why you hear me talk about making sure you read books like Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution and Atkins For Life because this lifestyle change is too important to just wing it. Do it by the book and never stop learning. When you think you know it all, then you’ve reached the place where you need to start the education process all over again.

Learn more about these remarkable new web sites honoring the Atkins diet from Mrs. Veronica Atkins and Jackie Eberstein by clicking here.


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