Disease Proof Diet Site Still Thrashing Low-Carb

Filed under: Health — @ April 26, 2007

The longer I have been blogging about the healthy low-carb lifestyle, the more I have come to realize the opponents of this incredible way of eating will stop at nothing to try to keep people from even trying to lose weight and improve their health forever in this way. It simply confounds me how anyone could actively DISCOURAGE others who have a weight and/or health issue from doing something about their problem rather than remaining in their current state.

As you well know, I am all in favor of people finding what will work for them to lose weight and get healthy, encourage them to follow that plan exactly as prescribed by the author, and then to keep doing that plan for the rest of their life. Whether it is low-fat, low-carb, veganism, or whatever works best for you, this permanent lifestyle change concept is my philosophy in a nutshell. Sadly, not everyone shares this same ideal about diet that I do and instead smugly go around trashing livin’ la vida low-carb like it’s some kind of disease or something.

One of the most outrageous anti-low-carb web sites out there right now has got to be Disease Proof featuring the low-fat nutritional principles espoused by a vegan named Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He is the author of a book I have reviewed entitled Eat To Live and is a very loud and vocal critic of the Atkins low-carb diet.

I have highlighted some of the vitriol hatred towards the Atkins low-carb diet that has been posted at Dr. Fuhrman’s web site previously by his online minion Gerald Pugliese. This anger-filled nitwit has been notorious for writing disgusting article that question how Dr. Atkins REALLY died (which then prompted this infamous e-mail I received from a Dr. Fuhrman fan–SCARY!), unfairly looping all low-carbers as meat-only savages, and then unnecessarily scaring people into believing that eating salt will kill them.

When you see such extreme positions being taken on a subject that the author clearly knows nothing about, the best course of action is to simply ignore it and move on. But so many of my readers have literally begged me to respond to not one, but two of these kind of columns against low-carb that have come out this week from Pugliese at the Disease Proof web site.

Click here to read the columns that were posted thrashing the low-carb lifestyle and my response to these aggressive dietary delusion tactics.


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