Shrek Ads Sending Confusing Messages On Health

Filed under: Health — @ April 26, 2007

The Shrek character is being used to promote health to children

My wife Christine and I are BIG fans of the Shrek movies. We think Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy are a hilarious comedy team and the computer animation in these movies is just incredible. Dreamworks has been able to bankroll the rest of their entire lineup of films just with the profits they’ve made from the Shrek empire. We can’t wait for the third installment in the series which hits theaters on May 18.

Because of the very high marketability of the characters from the movie, particularly Shrek and Donkey, all sorts of companies have lined up to use them in a cross-promotional effort to push their products. I was watching television the other day and noticed they put the M&M characters together with Shrek and Donkey in a 30-second spot. It was a cute commercial despite the high-sugar product that was being peddled.

You’ll also see “Shrek The Third” promotions for other foods like Snicker bars, Skittles, Sierra Mist, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Pop-Tarts, Cheez-Its, Keebler cookies, and even a Happy Meal at McDonald’s. With all this high-carb garbage being recommended by Shrek and his pals, it was more than a bit unusual to read about another surprising product Shrek has been asked to represent–EXERCISE!

Click here to learn more about why this Shrek promotion is confusing to children who are seeing mixed messages of healthy physical activity with unhealthy foods.


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