Colleen Got Lean And A Little Extreme

Filed under: Health — @ April 27, 2007

Colleen Norman went from 235 to 125, then back to 140 pounds

I love sharing weight loss success stories with you because they are such an encouragement and inspiration to people who have lost all hope and now feel like they will never be able to shed the pounds. But real people are changing their lives forever by losing weight and keeping it off permanently. Click here to see an entire list of the success stories I have featured at this blog.

Today I’d like to share with you the weight loss success of that beautiful woman you see at the top of this post named Colleen Norman. In 2000, Colleen Egan (her maiden name at the time which rhymes with “vegan”–although she’s NOT one!) was a sophomore in college and weighed in at 235 pounds. Like so many of us, she had strugged with her weight for most of our lives.

As a 5’7″ tall 20-year old, obesity was where Colleen had found herself and she didn’t like it.

“I decided to make a change and lost 110 pounds in 16 months,” she said.

How did she do it? Click here to read about Colleen Norman’s fascinating weight loss and the interesting issues she still deals with seven years afterwards.


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