Consuming ‘Normal Carb’ Counts Mandate A Low-Fat Diet

Filed under: Health — @ May 2, 2007

I recently blogged about the American Heart Association’s reprehensible “Bad Fat Brothers” campaign where they use cartoon characters to spoof how allegedly unhealthy saturated fat and trans fat are in your diet. Absolutely abhorrent!

Well, I reposted this column recently at one of the other web sites that syndicate my columns–Charles Stuart Platkin’s A reader over there had an interesting comment that warrants further discussion because it brings up a point that many may believe as well. Here’s what the person wrote:

I honestly think that if one isn’t living a low-carb life then the information [provided by the AHA about fat] does indeed apply. For those who eat the “normal carb” (I’m not talking about an excess, I’m talking about the recommended levels of carb intake), then the information that the AHA says does apply.

Hmmm, interesting concept this reader has brought up. Find out why I think it’s a bogus argument for reducing fat intake by clicking here.


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