Morbidly Obese And Struggling Takes More Than A Diet

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ May 2, 2007

Lurking about in the great blogosphere are quite literally millions of people who are searching for answers to their problems. Family issues, work stresses, health ailments, and especially weight loss all are heavy on the hearts of so many people that they seek out assistance from others who have been through the struggles they are currently enduring.

Many of these people who are just like you and me are hurting and feel so all alone in their predicament. Sometimes I wonder exactly who is out there checking out the blog, reading about my weight loss, scouring through the nearly 1800 articles I’ve written over the past two years about low-carb living.

Nothing thrills me more than to hear from these courageous people who are brave enough to pour out their hearts to me in an e-mail. It takes a lot of guts to write to a complete stranger about your personal struggles with something like morbid obesity. But that’s exactly what an e-mailer sent to me this week and I wanted to share his story with you that left me breathless.

Click here to read one of the most gut-wrenching e-mails that has ever come into my inbox and my attempt to provide a small glimmer of hope and encouragement to him.


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