Give Me Weight Loss Or I’m Giving Up!

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ May 7, 2007

There’s a common mentality as it relates to weight loss that is probably the single-biggest reason why people are unable to reach their goal weight. I have gone through it many times over the course of my life and it is what has prevented me from being the ultimate success that I have now become.

What is this mysterious reason why weight loss fails so often?

I think it all comes down to expectations. When you start livin’ la vida low-carb or any diet plan, there are certain markers that you set for yourself either arbitrarily or by design. Regardless, we believe a certain set of events must happen to give us affirmation in our newfound journey or we’re ready to throw in the towel.

One of my readers made some statements to that effect in an e-mail:

“I have recently lost 20 pounds, but now I am at a standstill. I have been doing the Induction phase for awhile now and did not move on to Ongoing Weight Loss because of the slow intial weight loss.

Whenever I have done Induction before over two weeks, I’ve always lost 12-15 pounds. Now, I do it and only lose 5 pounds at the very most.”

Find out more about why I believe this kind of thinking is self-destructive to your weight loss success by clicking here.


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