Keep The Fire Burning Within When Your Diet Discourages You

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ May 8, 2007

I came across this USA Today story that features a brand new survey about what we think about diet and weight loss. There are lessons we can learn from each other to bring about the highly-coveted success we all desire so much we can taste it. And yet only a few ever attain it.

What the survey found is something I blogged about last week. We lose a little weight, start feeling great, think things will be different this time, but then the stall comes along ruins it all. Self-sabotage and unfulfilled expectations will drive your diet crazy!

The Opinion Research Corporation survey of 2,058 adults that appeared in Consumer Reports magazine on Monday found that four in ten people are trying to lose an average of 40 pounds. If they join my “30-In-30″ challenge, then they’ll get there by the end of the year and well on their way to their eventual goal.

Three-fourths believe they can do it and should keep that positive attitude even when the going gets tough. Almost everyone (85 percent) have been able to lose weight before, but they somehow gave up on the plan despite their success.

Interestingly, close to half of all women (47 percent) and over one-third of men (34 percent) are trying to get fit. Two-thirds are doing it on their own by watching what goes into their mouth while getting ample amount of physical activity. But the weight loss is right in line with what I encourage at “30-In-30″–5 pounds a month over three months.

That’s MORE than a pound-a-week average.

So, where does the disconnect come into play that causes people to diet, get discouraged, and fail, diet, get discouraged, and fail…UGH! A Pew Research study noted in the story from last April may explain.

Click here to learn more about the results of that study which indicates why people don’t reach their weight loss goals. But the good news is I share how you can overcome triumphantly over a lifetime of obesity struggles.


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