Low-Carb Ice Cream Keeps My Weight Loss Lasting

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ May 9, 2007

I have a confession to make that shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me–I LOVE MY LOW-CARB ICE CREAM!!! I know the anti-chemical, all-natural-foods-only low-carb crowd is reading this rolling their eyes at me as if I’m some sort of freak or something.

But the reality is I’m probably more normal than they are since I still find low-carb living to be a day to day battle. I can never let my guard down if I am going to successfully keep the nearly 200 pounds I lost over three years ago off of my body for good. So far, so good.

If low-carb ice cream can keep me away from the regular sugary ice cream and other such high-carb desserts, then I’m gonna do it. Would NO ice cream be better for me? Obviously. But I can’t (or choose not to) do that any more than I could give up my diet sodas. I seriously tried that and I couldn’t sustain it as part of my life without adversely impacting my weight control.

What’s the real harm in it if it helps me keep my weight off which it has for over three years and counting? With so many people trying to lose weight and then reaching a point in their diet when they don’t feel like a success (even despite enormous weight loss success), shouldn’t we be promoting the use of products like low-carb ice cream to help them transition from the things that tempt them the most?

Absolutely, we should.

Click here to find out why low-carb ice cream and other such foods are helpful in the transition to this way of eating. You also won’t want to miss a hilarious rant about the demise of so many good low-carb products by a newspaper columnist who is livin’ la vida low-carb. He’ll have you rolling on the floor it’s so funny!


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