Woman Starts Low-Carb Diet To Avoid Chronic Pain

Filed under: Health — @ May 9, 2007

Christy needed just three months to drop 47 pounds from her body

The excuses people come up with for not doing something about their weight problem are self-fulfilling. One of the most popular ones I hear from people goes something like this:

“The doctor says I’ve got a thyroid problem, so I can’t lose weight.”

Says who?! If you ask me, that’s just another flim-flam reason for refusing to take responsibility for what you know you need to do. It’s such a shame that people actually believe they shouldn’t even TRY to lose weight and improve their health because of their thyroid. Puhleez people!

Such is the case of 24-year old Christy, that stunning woman at the top of this post. She was told flat out by her doctor that her thyroid doesn’t work. Dang, that royally stinks, doesn’t it? Then, to make matters worse, she had to endure the loss of a dear loved one when her favorite aunt passed away. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

“I turned to the food big time!” Christy exclaimed.

Employed as a chiropractic assistant, Christy tried to take her mind off her troubles, but her weight began to suffer. Fortunately, she was around patients who deal with chronic pain from their obesity.

“I see all the problems that not taking care of yourself can cause,” Christy explained. “Even worse is if you’re overweight and then you have constant disc and nerve pain everywhere!

Not wanting to end up like those patients, Christy decided to take control of her own health before it got to that point. So on a whim she stepped on the scales at the office one day to see her 5’6″ body had climbed up to 166 pounds!

EEEK! That woke Christy up to the reality of her weight problem and propelled her to keep her eyes open to something that could actually help her.

Find out how one of her patients acted as Christy’s own personal angel by sharing with her what would become the key to her eventual quick and healthy weight loss success by clicking here.


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