This Is Why Veganism Is A Truly Dangerous Diet

Filed under: In The News — @ May 10, 2007

I’m welcoming the scorn of vegans again, but this story cannot be ignored. I may even have one threaten to sue me for challenging their diet. But this is whacked!

Did you hear about the vegan couple sent to prison for literally starving their newborn baby to death? Oh my goodness, this is so heartbreaking and further exemplifies why veganism is downright dangerous as a dietary approach.

Confirming the study that found vegans are brainless, Lamont Thomas and Jade Sanders were given mandatory life prison sentences for failing to provide ample nutrition to their precious little one named Crown Shakur.

After being fed a high-carb, low-fat diet with no animal products–mostly soy milk and apple juice–in the six short weeks of his life, Crown passed away due to starvation after shrinking down to 3 1/2 pounds prior to death.

This happened three years ago, but a judge found the couple guilty of malice murder, felony murder, involuntary manslaughter and cruelty to children earlier this month. Although their attorney said the vegan parents had no idea their extreme lifestyle choice was killing their baby until just before he died, the jury was convinced they were guilty of nutritional neglect.

Click here to see how the parents are still in denial that it is their vegan diet that killed their baby and why everything these people have claimed about Atkins low-carb is actually true about themselves.


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