Fiber In Your Diet Is Healthy…Or Is It?

Filed under: Low-carb side effects — @ May 12, 2007

I enjoy hearing different opinions as it relates to health. Although I’m no expert in this field of study, I have learned more about diet, health, and nutrition over the past few years than I have anything else in my entire life (even more so than all those years of college and graduate school studying English and Public Policy!).

One of my most astute and very knowledgeable readers who is a literal walking talking encyclopedia of information about health (and a decade-long triple-digit low-carb weight loss success story) wrote this well-researched column on the role of dietary fiber in your diet. I am a fan of people consuming adequate amounts of fiber, but it really should be the right kinds of fiber as you will learn from in this column today.

While I have always been a strong supporter of fiber intake, this essay may make you stop and think about the source of your fiber. Let me know what you think about this and feel free to debate the assertions he makes.

You won’t want to miss this piece entitled “Fiber Folly Finally Fizzled.”


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