Think You’ve Had Low-Carb Brownies? Wait Til You Try These!

Filed under: New Product — @ May 13, 2007

I heard so much about these brownies, I HAD to try them for myself!

I’m constantly on the look out for any brand new low-carb products to come out that will help you as you are livin’ la vida low-carb. With a lot of garbage products out there purporting to be “low-carb,” it’s nice to know there are a few companies who are dedicated to serving the low-carb community with high-quality products you’ll feel good about sinking your teeth into. LITERALLY!

One of those companies is Flax Z Snax and they have one of the most talked about new low-carb products to hit the marketplace in a very long time: Elite Low-Carb Brownie Mix. Yes, I said LOW-CARB BROWNIES and these morsels of chocolaty goodness are indeed the real deal.

Whip up a batch of these gorgeous brownies in less than 30 minutes

The Flax Z Snax Elite Low-Carb Brownie Mix is made of flaxmeal and real cocoa and sweetened with erythritol (not the highly-inferior sugar alcohol maltitol, thank God!) for the authentic taste and texture of high-carb brownies.

Click here to read the rest of my review of these amazingly tasty low-carb brownies and to find out how you can order some for you and your family!


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